For Ripples, Polly and Jason, the sea is their habitat, their home, and a natural playground that offers up one adventure after another. As well as being home to various species of flora and fauna, the sea floor is a magic playground with mysterious rock formations lit by dancing rays of light filtering down through the water from the surface. Seaweed forests, sandbanks and ravines are the haunts of most of Ripples’ friends: fish, squid, oysters, sea urchins, even sharks and whales.


An old, beached fishing vessel is Icarus’ favourite place for resting a while between flights. It offers him a range of “creature comforts”: the beam serves as a perfect lookout point from which to observe the horizon, the deck is an excellent spot to curl up for a nap, while the cabin provides shelter from wind and rain. The semi-submerged boat is also a playground for Ripples and his friends, who come and go through the hole-ridden hull and meet all sorts of land and sea creatures in the hold.

This is the border zone between three distinct worlds: the underwater world of the fish, the dry land of the marine birds and the evershifting surface of the sea, with its waves and currents. Ripples, who is able to breathe both below and above the sea, is often to be found at the beach, investigating the strange and wonderful objects that are often washed up on the shore by storms and tides: he might even bump into turtles, crabs and other crustaceans.


These are the oases of the sea, the place for a chat with seagulls, with albatrosses and with other such explorers, wanderers and adventurers.