Episodes - First Serie (1-26)


  • The Magic Amphora - Ripples and his friends Jason and Polly find a mysterious and magic amphora.

  • The Missing Pearls - Ripples, Polly and Jason offer to help several oysters find their pearls after they mysteriously went missing in the night.

  • The Firefly Lamp - Jason wakes up and realises his shell is missing. Ripples rushes to the beach to find it, but he finds it difficult to see in the dark luckily eh is helped by the firefly Lulu.

  • Kiko The Dolphin - Kiko the dolphin has always lived in captivity in a water circus. He manages to escape to see the wonders of the sea. He meets Ripples and his friends, who are very curious and ask him details of the journeys he has made.

  • Charlotte The Oyster - Lillo tells Ripples, Polly and Jason that his little brothers are born. So, the three friends set off for the beach to find presents for the babies.

  • The Urchinday - Followed by Polly and Jason, Ripples dives down to find a present for the 'urchinday' of their urchin friend Spillo (Pinprick).

  • The Chick - Seagull loses one of the five eggs she is brooding, which ends up on the beach and Jason finds it just as its hatching.

  • The King Of The Seagulls - Ripples, Polly and Jason show Icarus three objects they received from Lucinda. The pelican shows them the Feather of Honour received years back from the King of the Seagulls, but a flurry of wind blows it away.

  • A Sea Of… Garbage - A large boat is sailing around and spreading garbage everywhere; a can falls near Ripples, Polly and Jason who, joined by Lucinda decide to go to Icarus and ask for his help to put an end to this havoc.

  • The Rainbow - Ripples, Polly and Jason dive under water during a rain shower and meet Lillo, who tells them to go somewhere else because the vault of his den is about to crumble away.

  • Star Little Star - Ripples, Polly and Jason wake up in the night and join Icarus in admiring a beautiful sky full of shooting stars.

  • Doctor Jason - Ripples pricks himself with a thorn as he is playing with Polly and Jason. The three run to the fishing boat, where Dr. Otto, a large octopus, takes the thornout of Ripples foot.

  • Polly The Babysitter - Ripples and Jason are busy employing several objects found on the beach as musical instruments.

  • The Little Bird From The Sea - Ripples, Polly and Jason meet a little bird who has just completed a long journey to spend the winter on their beach.

  • Autumn Is Near - On the beach Ripples, Polly and Jason meet Gegè, a poet swallow who charms Polly with his verses.

  • The Bungling Sardine - Ripples, Polly and Jason try to console Samy, a little sardine who is always bumping into her companions.

  • The Penguin - Ripples and his friends meet a lost Penguin called Michelangelo.

  • The Two Turtles - Ripples, Polly and Jason meet Helga, a land turtle who wants to learn to swim.

  • Happy Birthday Ripples - It's Ripples Birthday but nobody seems to want to spend the day with him.

  • Wild Oscar - Ripples, Polly and Jason meet a bad-tempered hermit crab called Oscar.

  • A Home For Esmeralda - Sara the seal and young Esmeralda's den is being destroyed by a group of men who are building a harbour.

  • Journey Into The Depths - Ripples and his best friends find themselves in the deepest darkness, but Flish and Flash help them to back home.

  • A Dolphin Called...Jason - While playing with Polly and Ripples, Jason bangs his head, loses his memory and thinks he is Kiko the dolphin.

  • United We Stand, Divided We Fall - Ripples and his friends have a competition between the boys and the girls.

  • Night Flight - Ripples, Polly and Jason get lost in the woods.

  • The Great Jack - Joe the albatross gives a crab the news of the imminent arrival of a creature called Jack. This causes a round of Chinese whispers and has everyone wondering who and what Jack is.

Episodes - Second Serie (27-52)

  • The Little Mermaid - While looking through some old books, Ripples Polly and Jason come across a picture of a mermaid. After Icarus explains the phenomenon of mermaids according to the old legends, the three friends’ search begins.

  • A Ray Of Flowers - While Jason’s artistic attempts of Ripples are not as satisfying as hoped, he tries once more using Icarus as his subject... Meanwhile at the bottom of the sea Polly and Ripples hear about a ghost swimming nearby.

  • The Hiccups - Ripples, Polly and Jason are cherry picking and have a basket full to take back to Icarus. On their way back however a greedy Jason cannot resist the temptation of the delicious fruit and...

  • The Cloud Catchers - Jason believes and convinces both Ripples and Polly that the clouds are made of scrumptious candy floss. The three friends decide to try and catch some of the candy floss to eat.

  • Lunch Is Served - Icarus has realized he has gained a few pounds around his tummy and makes a bet with Jason that he’ll lose the extra pounds by the end of the week.

  • The Flag - The three friends are becoming a little bored on the beach when a crab suggests they play “Find the Flag”.

  • The Great Current - Ripples, Polly and Jason meet a new friend named Aziz. They learn that Aziz’ father was swept away by the great current. Ripples, Polly and Jason decide to face the dangerous waters around Blue Island and...

  • When The Snow Falls - It’s snowing and Ripples, Polly and Jason have never seen snow before. They make a wonderful snowman and Icarus decides to decorate a Christmas tree near the beach. Suddenly the fog closes in and a strange sound...

  • Sweet Dreams - After Ripples has a bad dream about the ugly Rospilla toad witch, he closes himself in an empty giant oyster shell. Icarus tries to help him and give him confidence by giving him a “lucky charm”.

  • Return Of Michelangelo - From the fog appears Michelangelo blowing in an amazing horn, announcing his arrival. The penguin has brought his wonderful ice sculptures.

  • The Eel’s Great Journey - Ripples, Polly and Jason are playing on the rapids of a river when their playing is interrupted by the passing of a shoal of eels. A small eel that has been left behind continues trying to swim upstream but without success.

  • The Fizzy Drink - Ripples is in the forest preparing a drink made from a strange mixture of herbs. Ripples drinks it all in one fell swoop and in doing so, loses his voice.

  • The Unbeatable Bumbo - Ripples and his friends are playing sponge ball when Lillo arrives with a new friend Bumbo, a pup shark. Bumbo starts playing with everyone and Ripples soon learns that he is somewhat presumptuous.

  • A Sea Full Of Stories - Ripples, Polly and Jason are listening to one of Icarus’ many adventures. After enjoying the story they then swim to the sea bed to look for their friends. Here they find Toto who is...

  • The Best Of Friends - Ripples, Polly and Jason are chatting about their wonderful friendship when Ripples, unlike his two friends, believes he would be just as happy alone. Ripples meets a lonely crow who tells him...

  • The Enchanted Vessel - Icarus is telling a pirate story in the old fishing boat and Ripples, Polly, Jason and Jack are rather scared. Suddenly through the porthole, they see a mysterious vessel appear through thick fog.

  • Uncle Hercules - Jason doesn’t even know he has an Uncle, especially one such as Uncle Hercules. His new uncle has arrived from far away and although very affectionate, Jason finds him also rather intrusive.

  • The Secret Room - Ripples, Polly and Jason are playing sponge ball. After the ball bounces off Jason’s head, it ends up in the water and the three friends dive in after it. The ball however has fallen into a sunken galleon and is extremely scary.

  • The Great Spring Clean - Ripples, Polly and Jason think Icarus has gone looking for help to organise a spring clean of the old fishing boat. In an attempt to surprise Icarus, the three friends start cleaning, but...

  • The Boat Jam - There is a strange dark substance, with the resemblance of oil, leaking from a boat in difficulty at sea. The expanding spill is threatening a nest of young seagulls and their mother on a nearby rock.

  • Jason’s Odyssey - Icarus is telling our little friends about Odysseus and how he faced the dangers of his long journey. Jason falls asleep and Ripples and Polly decide to take advantage of Jason’s’ sleepy state and play a joke on him.

  • Journey To The Centre Of The Earth - Our friends decide to throw a party on the fishing boat and go to the forest to pick some strawberries. On arrival they soon learn that all the strawberries have already been picked by a little rabbit.

  • Mexico And Bluebubbles - Miguel and Sofia are two Mexican ballerina shrimps who make friends with Ripples, Polly and Jason. The new arrivals decide to teach them how to dance.

  • The Puffin’s Secret - Some strange birds arrive on the beach, puffins. Ripples and his friends suspect that the new arrivals have a secret.

  • A Stroke Of Genius - To help make Icarus’ dream come true, Ripples and his friends set out to find the magic amphora which has place in the old Octopus’ den. After finding it, remembering the magic words and...

  • Super Jason - One day Jason discovers a whole load of strawberries on the seabed which are not only very tasty, but also magic.